Reuse of yoga mat

Creative Use of Yoga Mat: Discover Ways to Reuse and Recycle Your Old Yoga Mat

Have you recently acquired a new yoga mat and find yourself wondering what to do with the old one? Instead of tossing it into the landfill, why not explore creative ways to reuse your old yoga mat and give it a second life? In this article, we delve into various innovative ideas to breathe new life into your old yoga mat. Learn how to recycle and find ways to upcycle your old yoga mat, turning it from a yoga companion to an essential household helper.

Creative Use of Yoga Mat

Can I Repurpose My Old Yoga Mat as a Rug or doormat?

Absolutely yes! If you have hardwood floors, cutting your old yoga mat into a rectangular shape can create a fantastic door mat. It’s not only a creative way to reuse your old yoga mat but also gives extra cushion and a non-slip surface, safeguarding against slips and falls. Similarly, placing it under a rug will provide additional padding, enhancing comfort and safety.

Another inventive idea is using your old yoga mat to create safe and colorful step treads for stairs. Simply cut the mat according to the size of the steps, and glue it on for a permanent solution, or let its inherent stickiness hold it in place if you prefer easy removal.

Creative Use of Yoga Mat

Here are some creative uses for a yoga mat, based on the search results:

  1. Picnic blanket: Yoga mats make excellent and easy-to-wipe-down picnic blankets
  2. Drink koozie: Roll up a yoga mat and use it as a drink koozie by wedging a cold bottle into the opening at the end of the mat
  3. Pet bowl placemat: Cut an old yoga mat into a pet bowl placemat to keep your furry friend’s eating area clean
  4. Shoe mat: Use an old yoga mat as a mat to place your shoes on, keeping your floors clean
  5. Cushioning: Cut out pieces of an old yoga mat to use as cushioning for your knees or other parts of your body during yoga practice
  6. Donate to animal shelters: Animal shelters can use old yoga mats to make comfortable sleeping places for puppies, cats, and adult dogs
  7. Shelf liners: Use an old yoga mat as a shelf liner to keep items from slipping or to protect delicate items
  8. Camping mat: Old yoga mats come in handy when you go camping, fishing, or hiking. Use it as a mat for the mud in front of your tent or under your sleeping bag
  9. Heat blocker in the car: During summer, lay an old yoga mat over your car’s dashboard to reduce heat on the wheel from the sun
  10. Bleacher cushion: Turn your yoga mat into a bleacher cushion for sporting events

It is important to note that these are just a few creative uses for a yoga mat, and there may be many more. Additionally, it is recommended to reuse or recycle old yoga mats instead of throwing them away to reduce waste

What Are The Best Ways to Use an Old Yoga Mat as a Cushion?

Old yoga mats can find a second life as cushions in your home. Cut your mat into smaller pieces to fit kitchen chairs, providing a comfortable and washable seating solution.

During camping trips, an old yoga mat can serve as an excellent ground cushion. Simply lay it under your sleeping bag for extra insulation and comfort against the wet grass. Reusing your old yoga mat in this way not only saves the environment but also ensures a comfortable sleep.

How Can I Transform My Old Yoga Mat into Useful Pads?

Turn your old yoga mat into knee pads for gardening or DIY projects around the house. Simply cut the mat into the desired shapes and sizes and voila — you have yourself a pair of homemade knee pads that offer great cushion while you kneel.

Old yoga mats can also be converted into portable sitting pads. Cut them into smaller pieces that are easy to carry around, providing a clean and comfortable surface wherever you go.

Yoga Mats as Shelf Liners: How to Do It?

An old yoga mat can be cut to fit your kitchen shelves or drawers, acting as a non-slip and cushioned shelf liner. This not only protects your items from damage but also makes cleaning easier, as the mats are washable and reusable.

Moreover, yoga mats can act as excellent liners for pet cages, providing a comfortable and warm surface for your pet to rest on.

How to Turn an Old Yoga Mat into Non-Slip Items?

Cut your old yoga mat into smaller pieces to use as non-slip pads under rugs or to secure furniture on hardwood floors. Their texture provides a great grip, ensuring that things stay in place.

If you have a slippery dashboard in your car, laying a piece of the old yoga mat can prevent items like your phone or sunglasses from sliding off.

Can Old Yoga Mats be Used as Coasters?

Absolutely, cut your old yoga mat into circular shapes to create funky, colorful coasters. They will not only protect your tables from stains but also add a dash of color to your living space. It’s a creative way to reuse your old yoga mat, marrying functionality with aesthetics.

What Are Creative Ideas for Using an Old Yoga Mat in Journaling?

Get creative with your journaling by using pieces of your old yoga mat as a cover for your journals or notebooks. You can even cut shapes from the mat to create 3D effects on the cover. Moreover, punch holes about every 2 inches along the side of a smaller piece of the yoga mat, and use yarn to bind pages together, creating a unique and personal journal.

Ways to Reuse Old Yoga Mats as Pet Bowl Placements

Certainly! Old yoga mats can be cut into the appropriate sizes to place under pet bowls, creating a non-slip surface that prevents spills and keeps your floor clean. It’s a great way to reuse your old yoga mat, making feeding time for your pet mess-free.

Environmental Benefits of Reusing an Old Yoga Mat

Reusing your old yoga mat can have significant environmental benefits. Most yoga mats are made from PVC, a type of plastic that takes centuries to decompose. By finding creative ways to reuse your old yoga mat, you are reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How to Properly Dispose of a Yoga Mat if I Can’t Reuse It?

If you find that you cannot reuse your yoga mat, it is important to dispose of it properly. Check with local recycling facilities to see if they accept yoga mats. Some yoga mat brands like Gaiam and Manduka offer recycling programs for old yoga mats. Ensure to opt for options that allow your old mat to be recycled into new products or repurposed into other useful items.


1. What materials are yoga mats made from and can they be recycled?

Yoga mats are made from various materials including PVC, TPE, natural rubber, and cork. Many yoga mats, especially PVC yoga mats, are not biodegradable and hence it’s vital to find ways to upcycle them post their yoga service life. Some brands like Gaiam and Manduka encourage users to return their used yoga mats to be recycled or repurposed, fostering an environmentally responsible approach to yoga mat disposal.

2. How can I repurpose my old yoga mat at home?

There are numerous creative ideas to bring a second life to your old yoga mat. Some of the easy and resourceful ways include using them as a door mat, a shelf liner for your kitchen shelves, or even as a bath time kneel pad to save your knees. To start, simply cut your old yoga mat according to the required size using a good pair of scissors and see how it fits into its new role.

3. Can I use my old yoga mat for outdoor activities?

Absolutely! Whether you’re going on camping trips or simply spending time in your garden, there are many ways to reuse your old yoga mat outdoors. Lay it on wet grass to create a dry seating area, cut it into knee pads for when you kneel while gardening, or even use it to create safe and colorful step treads for stairs in your backyard.

4. Are there creative ways to reuse old yoga mats for my pets?

Certainly! Cut your old yoga mat to create non-slip pet bowl placements or even use smaller pieces as a tread for your pet’s playing area. You can also reshape the mat to fit into your pet’s bed for some extra cushion and comfort, making it a reusable and washable solution that benefits both you and your pet.

5. Can I involve my used yoga mat in my journaling hobby?

Yes, you can integrate your used yoga mat into your journaling hobby. Cut smaller pieces to serve as vibrant, textured covers for your journals. You can even go a step further by creating a prompt journal — punch holes about every 2 inches along one side and use yarn to bind it, then fill it with newspaper laid flat for a wonderful, homemade journal.


As we reach the end of this enlightening journey exploring the diverse avenues to repurpose and recycle your yoga companion, it becomes evident that the cycle of a yoga mat doesn’t end with wear and tear. From being an essential part of a yogi’s journey, it can morph into a myriad of useful household items, serving you in ways you hadn’t imagined.

From lending extra cushion to your kitchen chairs to becoming a soft liner for your pet’s abode, the possibilities are vast and vibrant. Don’t throw away your old mate; instead, embrace the journey of upcycling, fostering a conscious approach to consumption. You’re not just giving your old yoga mat a second life, but you’re also taking a small yet significant step towards reducing landfill waste.

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