DIY yoga mat holder or Strap Guide The Perfect Holder For Yogis!

DIY yoga mat holder or Strap Guide: The Perfect Holder For Yogis!

An attractive, easy-to-make strap to hold your yoga mat is a must-have for any dedicated yogi. This guide is tailored for those who love a dash of DIY in their daily life. Discover the wonders of crafting your own yoga mat holder, making the journey to your yoga class even more fulfilling. Trust us, this article is a treasure trove of information!

diy yoga mat holder or Strap

Key Takeaways

  • Making your own DIY yoga mat holder is a great way to save money and customize your carrying case to your own preferences.
  • A yoga mat strap is a simple and easy way to carry your mat to and from class.
  • A yoga mat sling is another great option for carrying your mat to and from class.
  • If you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t want to sew, you can still make a DIY yoga mat holder using a towel and Velcro.
  • Making your own DIY yoga mat bag is a great way to take your yoga mat holder to the next level.

What Type of DIY Yoga Mat Holder is Best For You?

Before diving into guide, let’s overview the main types of DIY yoga mat holders and their benefits:

  • Fabric slings – These no-sew fabric holders are quick, easy, and perfect for yogis on the go. Slide your mat inside the loop and sling it over your shoulder.
  • Macrame hangers – For boho yogi style, try making a macrame hanger for your mat. These add a handmade touch to your home studio.
  • Wraps/Straps – Using fabric, leather or rope, wraps securely attach around your mat for carrying. Great for a custom look.
  • Wall mounts – Mount a wooden plank, dowel rod or ladder for a wall display. Keep your mat neatly in one place.
  • Bags – Get crafty with sewing, knitting or crocheting a yoga mat bag. Protect your mat in style.

Consider your skill level, available time and decor style before deciding which DIY mat holder works for you.

Why DIY a Yoga Mat Strap?

Crafting a DIY yoga mat strap is not only a budget-friendly option but it also allows you to customize it according to your style and preferences. This personalized touch can make your yoga journey even more special. Plus, with the myriad of guide available, creating a holder for your yoga mat has never been easier!

Step 1: Choosing Your Fabric and Supplies

For the basic yoga mat strap, all you require is fabric, a sewing machine, thread, and scissors. Denim, or any sturdy fabric, is a great choice as it offers both durability and style. Remember to measure the length of fabric required based on the size of your yoga mat and how long you want the strap to be. Having some extra space is always advisable.

Step 2: Deciding the Type of Strap

The market offers various types of yoga mat straps such as drawstring straps, shoulder slings, or even casings. But the type of strap that’s super versatile and easy to make is the yoga mat sling. With a loop on each end, this sling is perfect to secure your mat. For those not keen on sewing, there’s the no-sew yoga mat strap as an easy way out.

Step 3: Crafting a No-Sew Yoga Mat Holder

If you’re looking to skip the sewing machine, this is for you. You’ll need some sturdy webbing or cotton rope. First, measure the webbing long enough to sling it over your shoulder and hold the yoga mat securely. Create a loop at each end of the webbing, ensuring it’s tight. Voila! You’ve got yourself a no-sew yoga mat holder.

Step 4: DIY Yoga Mat Strap with Rope

A rope can serve as a great alternative to fabric. Start by choosing a sturdy cotton rope or even a ski rope. Loop one end to secure your yoga mat and ensure the other end is long enough to sling over your shoulder. This rope strap is not only functional but also adds a rustic charm to your yoga ensemble.

Step 5: Beyond the Yoga Mat – Other Uses for Your Strap

The DIY yoga mat strap isn’t limited to carrying yoga mats alone. They’re versatile and can be used for other items, like portable sun shades, umbrellas, and even logs! Imagine heading to a picnic and using the same strap to carry a portable sun shade that you made. It’s both functional and stylish!

Step 6: Gift Ideas Using Your DIY Yoga Mat Holder

A homemade yoga mat holder can be an excellent gift idea for the yogi in your life. Attach a cute yoga mat strap, and you can even make it a complete set with a yoga mat. Consider the recipient’s preferences, like colors or fabric type, to make it extra special.

Step 7: Must-follow Pinterest and Instagram Inspirations

For those who love getting crafty, Pinterest and Instagram are full of DIY yoga mat strap ideas. From macramé designs to denim holders, the options are endless. Whether it’s a yoga mat sling or a wall-mounted holder, these platforms offer a treasure of inspiration for every craft enthusiast.

Bonus: Macramé Twist – A Different Approach to the Yoga Mat Holder

If you’re keen on trying something different, a macramé yoga mat holder is an excellent choice. This intricate craft combines the art of knotting with functionality. Not only does it offer a secure grip on your mat, but the design also adds an element of decor to your yoga space.

Crafting Care: Maintaining Your DIY Strap

Once you’ve put in the effort to craft your strap, it’s essential to care for it. For fabric straps, occasional washing (based on the fabric type) can keep them fresh. For rope or webbing straps, a gentle wipe-down can help maintain their look and strength.

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