Liforme Vs. Lululemon Yoga Mat Review

Liforme vs. Lululemon: Yoga Mat Review – Which is the Best Yoga Mat for Yogis and Yoga Teachers

Choosing the perfect yoga mat can make or break your practice. Dive deep into this comprehensive comparison between two of the leading yoga mat brands, Liforme and Lululemon. Discover which mat reigns supreme in grip, durability, and overall yoga experience. Whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or have been a yogi for years, this in-depth review has got you covered.


Best Recycled Yoga Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

  • Grip: Excels in Grip
  • Marking: Alignment Marking
  • Design: Eco-Friendliness
  • Durability: Promising Durability
  • Rubber Type: Natural Rubber Base
  • Weight: 5.51 pounds
  • PVC Free: Yes


Best Reversible

The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga

  • Surface: Reversible Surface
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Design: Two Sided Smooth
  • Rubber Type: Natural Rubber Base
  • Texture: Grippy or smoother texture
  • Weight: 5.24 pounds
  • PVC Free: Yes

Key Takeaways

  • Liforme excels in grip, alignment markings, and eco-friendliness.
  • Lululemon stands out with its reversible surface, durability, and brand reputation.
  • Both brands offer mats that are investments, promising durability, and an enhanced yoga practice.
  • The choice between the two depends on specific preferences and yoga practice needs.

It’s no secret that having the best yoga mat significantly improves one’s yoga practice. From providing adequate cushion for joints to ensuring your hands and feet don’t slip during a sweaty hot yoga class, a trusty mat is every yogi’s best friend. In this review, we’ll be examining two premium yoga mat brands – Liforme and Lululemon – that are loved by both yoga beginners and certified yoga instructors alike.

Liforme: An Overview

Liforme is a brand that resonates with many for its unique alignment markings. The Liforme yoga mat boasts an excellent grip, even during intense ashtanga or power yoga sessions. Made of natural rubber, it offers a textured surface ensuring your downward dog stays in place. Many yoga teachers swear by its durability and eco-friendly properties, which make it stand out in a sea of yoga mats on the market.

Lululemon: A Name Synonymous with Yoga

When you hear the name Lululemon, the image of their iconic leggings might come to mind. But their yoga mats, especially the Lululemon reversible mat, have gained a significant following. Offering a dual surface, users can switch between a more grippy or smoother texture depending on their practice. Plus, its cushion ensures comfort for yogis of all levels.

Liforme vs. Lululemon

Grip & Traction: Which Offers Superior Stability?

Both Liforme and Lululemon pride themselves on providing mats that offer excellent grip. The Liforme mat particularly shines in hot yoga environments. On the other hand, the Lululemon reversible mat provides the flexibility of choosing between a stickier or smoother surface, catering to different yoga forms.

Durability: Which Mat Lasts the Longest?

When investing in a premium yoga mat, one expects it to last. Liforme mats, made of natural rubber, are designed for longevity, even with regular practice. Lululemon’s mat, featuring polyurethane, is also known for its durable nature, with many users reporting that it stands the test of time.

Portability: Can You Take it Everywhere?

For those always on the go, portability is key. While both mats offer a level of convenience, Liforme’s lighter version, the Liforme travel mat, is perfect for those always on the move. Lululemon, though slightly bulkier, can be easily rolled and carried to any yoga studio.

Texture and Comfort: A Deep Dive

A mat’s texture directly impacts comfort. Liforme’s natural rubber provides a textured surface that’s gentle on the skin while ensuring stability. Lululemon’s reversible design means users can opt for a smoother or more textured experience, depending on preference.

Eco-Friendliness: Commitment to the Environment

In today’s world, being eco-friendly is more than just a trend. Liforme is celebrated for its commitment to producing eco-friendly mats, ensuring they’re sustainable and biodegradable. Lululemon also takes steps towards sustainability, though some yogis might argue that Liforme has the upper hand in this department.

Price Point: Getting the Best Value for Your Money

Quality often comes at a price. Both brands fall in a higher price range, but given their durability, grip, and other premium features, many find the investment worth it. When considering the best value, one must consider not just the initial cost but how long the mat lasts and its features.


1. What are the main differences when considering Liforme vs. Lululemon yoga mats?

When comparing Liforme and Lululemon, several distinctions emerge. The Liforme original yoga mat offers unique alignment markings, while the Lululemon reversible mat provides flexibility with a dual-sided surface. The choice between the two often boils down to personal preferences like grip, as each mat is made with different materials offering unique tactile experiences. For instance, while the Liforme boasts an excellent grip, some users feel the grip on the Lululemon mat is also commendable, especially during power yoga or ashtanga yoga sessions.

2. Which yoga mat offers the best value on the market, especially for a certified yoga instructor?

When searching for the best value, many certified yoga instructors recommend exploring the Jade yoga mat or the Gaiam premium yoga mat. These mats, alongside the Alo Warrior and Warrior mats, are known for their durability, excellent grip, and reasonable price range. However, the best mat is subjective and often depends on individual needs, such as the type of yoga practiced, desired mat grip, and if one prefers a mat made of natural rubber.

3. I’ve heard a lot about the reversible yoga mats from Lululemon. What’s unique about them?

The Lululemon reversible mat stands out because of its dual-sided design. One side typically offers a smoother texture ideal for basic yoga poses, while the other provides better grip for sessions where hands and feet might get sweaty, such as hot power yoga. This versatility means you’re essentially getting two mats in one, making it a favorite yoga mat for many.

4. I’m in the market for an eco-friendly option. Which yoga mats are known for being sustainable?

Mats made of natural rubber, like some versions of the Jade yoga mat and the Liforme original yoga mat, are typically more eco-friendly. They are biodegradable and often sourced sustainably. The Gaiam yoga mat also offers eco-friendly variants. When choosing the best sustainable option, always check if the yoga mat is made without harmful chemicals and if it comes from a brand that prioritizes environmentally friendly practices.

5. I travel a lot for work. Are there any quality yoga mats that are also easy to transport and maintain?

For frequent travelers, a travel mat is a fantastic choice. They’re designed to be lightweight and often foldable, making them easy to pack. The Alo yoga mats are known for their portability without compromising on quality. Regardless of the mat you choose, opt for one that’s easy to wipe and clean, ensuring it remains fresh even after an intense yoga class abroad.

Final Verdict: Liforme or Lululemon?

Choosing between Liforme and Lululemon boils down to personal preference. Whether you prioritize alignment markings, the flexibility of a reversible surface, or eco-friendliness, both brands offer top-tier mats that promise to enhance your yoga experience.

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