Liforme Vs Manduka Pro

Liforme vs Manduka Pro: The Ultimate Yoga Mat Review for the Best Yoga Experience

If you’re in the market for a new yoga mat, you may be wondering which one to choose between Liforme and Manduka. Both brands are known for their high-quality yoga mats, but they have some key differences. In this article, we’ll compare Liforme vs Manduka to help you decide which one is right for you.


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  • Available in various colors and sizes


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Key Takeaways

  • Liforme: Superior grip, alignment markings, eco-friendly, slightly pricier.
  • Manduka Pro: Lasts a lifetime, has thicker cushion, is eco-friendly, excellent value over time.
  • Always clean your mat, especially after intense sessions.
  • Consider your yoga type and personal preferences before purchasing.

Liforme vs Manduka: An Overview

Liforme and Manduka are two of the most popular yoga mat brands on the market. Liforme is known for its innovative alignment system and eco-friendly materials, while Manduka is known for its durability and support. Here’s a quick overview of each brand:


  • Made of eco-friendly materials, such as natural rubber and sustainable polyurethane
  • Features a unique alignment system to help improve your practice
  • Offers good grip and traction, even in sweaty conditions
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Comes with a carrying bag and strap for easy transport
  • More expensive than some other yoga mats on the market


  • Made of high-quality materials, such as natural rubber and eco-friendly PVC
  • Offers good durability and support, even for intense practices
  • Available in various thicknesses, colors, and sizes
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • More affordable than some other high-end yoga mats on the market

What Makes Liforme Special?

The Liforme yoga mat stands out with its patented alignment markings. These are especially useful for yoga beginners, ensuring hands and feet are correctly positioned in asanas. Made of natural rubber, it offers a cushion and excellent yoga mat grip, preventing any ‘slip and slide’ during hot yoga sessions. Many consider the Liforme as one of the best yoga mats, particularly when grip and alignment are priorities.

What Makes Liforme Special

Pros and Cons of the Liforme Mat

The Liforme mat is loved by yoga enthusiasts for its top surface that provides unparalleled grip, even when sweaty. However, this mat might be on the expensive side for some. It’s lighter than the Manduka Pro, making it more portable. But, like all products, it might show wear with intense use, especially in hot yoga classes.

Manduka Pro: Why Is It a Favourite?

The Manduka Pro yoga mat has been the main yoga companion for many, with some yogis having used their Manduka Pro for the past decade or so! It offers a lifetime guarantee, ensuring you have a mat that will last. The Manduka Pro is 6mm thick, providing ample cushion for joints. Many buy the Manduka Pro as a lifetime yoga partner, making its price a valuable investment.

Manduka Pro vs Liforme: Grip and Comfort

When it comes to grip, both the Manduka Pro and Liforme offer excellent performance. However, the Liforme might have a slight edge in sweaty conditions. In terms of cushion, the 6mm thick Manduka Pro provides a tad more comfort compared to the Liforme. But remember, the right mat depends on your type of yoga and personal preference.

Eco-friendliness: Which One Takes the Cake?

Both brands prioritize eco-friendliness. Liforme mats are made from sustainable natural rubber, and the brand is known for its eco-friendly practices. Manduka, especially the Manduka eKO series, also champions sustainable materials, ensuring both brands cater to the eco-conscious yogi.

Travel Yogis: Liforme Travel Mat vs Manduka Prolite

For those always on the go, Liforme’s travel yoga mat offers the same great features but in a lighter, more portable version. The Manduka Prolite is another excellent choice for travel, though it’s more durable than the Liforme travel mat, making it slightly heavier.

Cost and Value for Money

Let’s address the elephant in the room: these mats aren’t cheap. However, buying a yoga mat is an investment. While the Liforme might be pricier initially, its unique alignment markings and grip can justify the cost. The Manduka, with its lifetime guarantee, offers value in longevity.

Care and Maintenance: How to Clean Your Yoga Mat?

A good quality yoga mat requires care. Both Liforme and Manduka recommend using a gentle yoga mat cleaner and avoiding harsh chemicals. Regular cleaning, especially after sweaty sessions, will prolong the life of your mat. Both are relatively easy to clean, ensuring hygiene in your practice.

Liforme vs Manduka: Which Yoga Mat is Right for You?

Ultimately, the choice between Liforme and Manduka depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you’re looking for a mat with a unique alignment system and eco-friendly materials, Liforme may be the best choice for you. If you need a durable and supportive mat for intense practices, Manduka may be the way to go. Consider your priorities, budget, and practice style when making your decision.


What’s the main difference between the Liforme and Manduka Pro yoga mats?

The Liforme yoga mat is renowned for its unique alignment markings that guide hands and feet placement, making it perfect for those who are new to the practice or particular about their poses. Made from natural rubber, it ensures a top surface that’s non-slip even when sweaty, making it ideal for hot yoga. On the other hand, the Manduka Pro yoga mat is celebrated for its cushion and durability. With a 6mm thickness, it offers ample support and boasts a lifetime guarantee, making it a favorite among many yoga teachers and seasoned yogis.

I often sweat a lot during my yoga classes, especially during hot yoga. Which mat offers the best grip to prevent slip and slide?

For those who sweat a lot during their yoga practice, the Liforme yoga mat is an excellent choice. Its top surface is designed to prevent any ‘slip and slide’, even during intense, sweaty sessions. While the Manduka Pro mat also offers a good grip, the Liforme has a slight edge in very sweaty conditions due to its natural rubber composition.

How do the Manduka ProLite and Liforme travel mats compare for on-the-go yoga sessions?

Both the Manduka ProLite (or polite) and the Liforme travel mat are designed for yogis on the move. While the Liforme travel mat retains its renowned alignment markers and grip, the Manduka ProLite is known for its durability and cushion. Your choice might depend on what you prioritize more: alignment and grip (Liforme) or cushion and longevity (Manduka ProLite).

I’ve heard a lot about the eco-friendly properties of yoga mats. Are the Liforme and Manduka mats eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Both Liforme and Manduka prioritize sustainability. The Liforme yoga mat is made from sustainable natural rubber, and the brand emphasizes eco-friendly practices. Manduka, especially with its eKO series, champions the use of sustainable materials, ensuring both brands are perfect for the eco-conscious yogi.

With brands like Lululemon in the market, how do Liforme and Manduka compare in terms of quality and value for money?

Lululemon, Liforme, and Manduka are all top-tier brands in the yoga mat world. Lululemon has a dedicated fan base, especially among fitness enthusiasts. However, when it comes to specialized yoga practice, Liforme’s alignment markers and Manduka Pro’s lifetime guarantee stand out. In terms of value for money, both Liforme and Manduka offer excellent longevity and quality, making them a worthy investment for dedicated yogis.


In the vast yoga mat world, the debate of “Liforme vs Manduka” has been prominent for quite some time. Many gravitate towards the Liforme, well-loved by yoga enthusiasts for its superior grip, especially for Ashtanga yoga where stability is paramount. The Liforme mat, with its unique alignment markers, is considered one of the best yoga companions, especially when grip and thickness are crucial. On the other hand, Manduka, with its Pro and GRP series, stands as a testament to durability.

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