How To Gift Wrap A Yoga Mat like pro

How to Gift Wrap a Yoga Mat Like a Pro | Step-by-Step Guide to Learn Easy Ways to Wrap Gift

Looking for creative ways to wrap a yoga mat as a gift? While their shape poses some challenges, you can easily gift wrap yoga mats like a pro with the right technique.

How To Gift Wrap A Yoga Mat

This step-by-step guide will teach you different methods to beautifully package yoga mats for birthdays, holidays or any occasion. Follow these yoga mat gift wrapping ideas and you’ll have a present ready to impress any yogi in your life!

Key Takeaway

  • A yoga mat is a thoughtful gift for yoga enthusiasts.
  • Use durable wrapping paper and double-sided tape for best results.
  • Techniques include standard wrap, cylindrical wrap, and using tissue paper.
  • Make your gift special with additional touches.
  • Furoshiki is an eco-friendly wrapping alternative.
  • Yoga mat bags can be a quick and decorative solution.
  • Don’t forget the finishing touches for a perfect gift presentation.

Why Learn How to Wrap a Yoga Mat

Yoga mats make fantastic gifts, but their size and shape can make them difficult to wrap neatly. Learning proper techniques for wrapping yoga mats ensures your gift looks cohesive and polished.

Other benefits include:

  • Makes gift look professionally wrapped
  • Elevates presentation
  • Shows recipient you went the extra mile
  • Protects mat during transport
  • Adds element of surprise

With a few simple tricks, you can master the art of yoga mat gift wrapping and have your present looking fabulous in no time.

Gift Wrapping Supplies Needed

Before diving into the wrapping methods, gather the following supplies:

  • Wrapping paper – butcher paper, craft paper or recyclable brown paper work best
  • Tissue paper – for wrapping mat ends
  • Gift bag (optional) – large enough to fit mat
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Twine, ribbon, raffia (optional)

With these materials, you’ll be ready to wrap your yoga mat gift like a professional!

Technique #1: Furoshiki Inspired Folding

One beautiful technique for wrapping a yoga mat is using furoshiki-inspired folding. This Japanese cloth wrapping method involves intricate folds and knots without tape or scissors.

To try this yoga mat wrapping idea:

  1. Place mat diagonally on wrapping paper.
  2. Lift one corner, folding paper under mat. Repeat on other corners.
  3. Fold remaining paper under mat, creating tight creases.
  4. Tie twine or ribbon around paper folds to secure.

The Japanese-inspired folds contain the mat into a neat, compact parcel. Feel free to embellish with extra gift trimmings too!

Technique #2: Using a Gift Bag

For a quick and easy way to wrap a yoga mat, use a large gift bag:

  1. Cut tissue paper slightly longer than yoga mat width.
  2. Tuck tissue into each end of the mat, gathering gently.
  3. Place mat inside gift bag, with tissue ends poking out.
  4. Add filler like confetti, ribbon or tissue to finish.

With just a bag and some tissue paper, your yoga mat gift is ready in minutes!

Technique #3: Roll Wrapping Method

If you want to wrap the mat fully in paper, a rolling technique works best:

  1. Place mat diagonally on paper.
  2. Lift one end and roll mat over once.
  3. Roll mat over twice more, wrapping paper around as you go.
  4. Secure paper with double sided tape.
  5. Tie ribbon around paper or add gift tag.

It creates a beautifully wrapped cylinder perfect for any yoga lover!

Finishing Touches and Embellishments

Once wrapped, finish your yoga mat gift with extra embellishments:

  • Gift tags, notes or sticker seals
  • Ribbons, raffia or twine
  • Decorative flowers, greenery or stamps
  • Colored tissue paper or confetti

Add your own flair with doodles, photos or other personal touches for the yogi in your life. With the right wrapping techniques, your yoga mat gift will look amazing from every angle!

Tips & Gift Wrap Hacks for Wrapping Yoga Mats

Here are extra tips to wrap yoga mats quickly and neatly:

  • Use wider paper to wrap mats easily
  • Cut paper to fit mat size to avoid excess
  • Wrap mat roll-style for cylindrical look
  • Tie paper with ribbon or twine if no tape
  • Use gift bags for fast, fuss-free wrapping
  • Finish with gift tag, notes or decorative knots

With these tips, you can wrap a yoga mat beautifully even in a pinch.

Wrapping an Unusual Yoga Mat Gift Shape

The techniques in this guide can be used to wrap other oddly-shaped gifts too like golf clubs, tennis rackets, posters and more. Simply tailor the steps to the specific item.

No matter what unique gift you need to wrap, follow the same principles – cover the shape in paper, secure with tape/ribbon, and embellish for an polished finished product. Get creative with the wrapping paper to make any irregular gift shine.

Ready to Gift Wrap a Yoga Mats Beautifully

I hope this guide provided helpful techniques for beautifully gift wrapping yoga mats and other unusually shaped presents. With the right method and high-quality materials, you can make your yoga mat gift look professionally wrapped and ready to impress.

So next time you need to buy a yoga mat for a birthday or holiday, don’t settle for a boring hand-off. Use these fun wrapping ideas to elevate your gift presentation and show the yoga lover in your life how much you care!


What’s the best way to wrap a yoga mat?

The ideal method to wrap a yoga mat involves using durable wrapping paper, securing it with double-sided tape, and finishing with decorative twine or ribbons.

Can I use tissue paper for wrapping a yoga mat?

Yes, tissue paper can be used either as an additional layer under wrapping paper or as a decorative touch on the outside. However, due to its delicate nature, it’s best used for added aesthetics rather than the main wrapping material.

Is there a specific wrapping paper recommended for yoga gifts?

While there isn’t a specific wrapping paper for yoga gifts, choosing designs that resonate with tranquility, nature, or yoga symbols might be more fitting. Ensure the paper is sturdy enough to wrap around the yoga mat without tearing.

How do I handle the excess paper when wrapping a cylindrical item like a yoga mat?

Trimming off excess paper ensures a neater wrap. Pleating the ends can give a candy wrapper effect, adding a touch of creativity to your wrapping.

Can craft paper be used instead of traditional wrapping paper?

Absolutely! Craft paper offers a rustic, minimalist look and pairs beautifully with twine or natural embellishments. It’s also sturdier, making it more manageable for wrapping odd-shaped gifts like yoga mats.

Is double-sided tape necessary for wrapping?

While not strictly necessary, double-sided tape offers a cleaner look as it hides the adhesive side. This makes your yoga mat gift wrap appear more professional and seamless.

What can I use to add decorative finishes to my yoga mat gift wrap?

Twine is a popular choice for a rustic finish. For a fun twist, you can try creating a candy wrapper effect by pleating and securing the ends with colorful ribbons or bands.

How can I make the process of wrapping a yoga mat more manageable?

Lay out all your materials beforehand. Using a spacious table, place your yoga mat diagonally on the wrapping paper, cut off excess paper, and use double-sided tape for a neater finish. If using craft paper, its sturdiness can make the wrapping process more manageable.

Can wrapping techniques be used to disguise the shape of the yoga mat?

While the cylindrical shape of a rolled yoga mat is unique, using techniques like the candy wrapper method or adding additional decorative elements can make the content of the gift less obvious.


Mastering the technique for how to wrap a yoga mat involves a blend of creativity and practicality. Whether you’ve chosen a brand-new mat for that yogi friend whose yoga practice works up a sweat on their old exercise mats or you’re simply looking to surprise someone with a thoughtfully wrapped cylindrical gift, this guide has you covered.

Using double-sided tape along the long edge of the paper ensures your gift wrap is secure, while taking note of the size of the mat and ensuring you have enough paper to wrap around it is crucial. Techniques like furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping method using fabric, pose a stylish yet traditional approach. Using a yoga mat bag or even a simple gift bag are easy ways to present your gift, especially if the shape of the gift poses a challenge. If you’re aiming for a more traditional method, placing the yoga mat diagonally and cutting the paper with precision is a manageable mat-wrapping method.

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